Special Olympics is made up of many different and available sports. There are two categories: Traditional and Unified sports.  The Traditional Sports Program consists of Special Olympian athletes only. Unified Sports® are those where Special Olympians team up with ‘partners’ without intellectual disabilities. Tippecanoe County has several Unified sports on the roster.

Special Olympic athlete opportunities defined further at, also Motor Activities Training Program [for severe and profound disabilities] and SOI Young Champions { 2-7 years of age – Young Champions at the bottom of SOIn website Resource Library listing }.  The Traditional and Unified Sports® programs are defined here also. *All sports listed through SOIn are not necessarily offered in every Indiana county.  Check with your county for sports offerings.*   SOIn Tippe sports in pictures: SOInTippe_inPics2016

** Check with your local school corporations — through the IHSAA, there are unified teams in some high school sports now for our special kids!!!  Way to go Indiana! **

** … Special Olympics Indiana Resources

GREAT Resource for all coaches ==>  PLUS Coach-Education-Program-1 == “After all, the better the coach . . . the better the athlete.” – quote from the Coach Education Program pdf file.

»« Special Olympics sports listing and definitions at the international/national level:


»« Sports ~ Traditional (T) and/or Unified (U) »«

Sports   …….   Season Dates:

Aquatics / Swimming ~ T & U ……. March, late -> June

Athletics ~ T – Track & Field Events ……. March, late -> June

Bocce Ball (age 30+) ~ T & U ……. March, late -> June

Cycling ~ T & U ……. March, late-> June [new sport]

Golf ~ T & U ……. May -> September

Softball ~ T & U ……. June -> September

Long Distance Walking & Running ~ T & U ……. June -> September

Flag Football ~ M/W & T & U ……. June -> September

Corn Toss ~ T & U …….. June -> September

Bowling ~ T & U ……. September -> December (early)

Basketball ~ T & U – Boys/Mens Teams + Girls/Womens Team ……. November, late -> March

Winter Sports ~ T & U ……. December, January, February [new sport]

* currently not active: Football (Soccer) = local events only currently ……. Summer, fall *

   Past sports within county:  Volleyball, Powerlifting; Gymnastics; Equestrian; Tennis

   Future ? sports:  Horseshoes; Tennis; Volleyball; Ballroom Dancing (local events only); SOI Young Champions { 2-7 years of age – Young Champions at the bottom of Resource Library listing }

Sport Contacts:

Athletics = Jamie Barnes, 404-2026 OR Michelle Strong, 714-421-0486 sportsImage
Basketball = Brooke Kresca & Nicole Nagle, Phil Steele
Bocce Ball = John Prather, _____; Dixie Stinson, 491-2181
Bowling = Sherry Neff, 714-0455
Corn Toss = Joe Croy, 464-4345
Flag Football = _____________
Golf = Bob & Jeanie Plante, 463-1574
Long Distance Walking/Running = Peggy Hoover, 404-8128
Softball = Phil Steele,
Swimming = Matt Klenosky, 427-3705; Peggy Hoover, 404-8128
[ ?Soccer? currently not active = _______________ ]

Get involved with someone special — be a helper on a Traditional team; OR even better, be a teammate on a Unified team!  Coaching these special athletes is a treat as well!!  You just might have some fun and learn lots besides giving so much to some very special persons!!  Interested in participating and/or volunteering/coaching, please contact Bonnie McDougle, Volunteer/Family Coordinator — see the ‘Contacts‘ page.

»« Sports Coordinator  — Jeff Whiteman, 543-1619
»« Area 4 Director  — 
Larry Ratcliff,




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