Just Coaches!

Let us know what you might wish to see here — under ‘Sports / Just Coaches!’ — SOIn Tippe coaches!  Such as information on rules, operations, practices, instruction/training, etc.

Below are some Special Olympics Indiana links that might be helpful PLUS Special Olympics International connections:

http://soindiana.org/programs/ == programs within the state of Indiana

* http://soindiana.org/resource-library/ == ‘P.I.G’ Program Information Guide sections are now included within SOIn’s Resource Library with forms for sports, athletes, general use and more – search under ‘Policies‘ & look for ‘Code of Conduct‘ and/or ‘General Policies …’, etc.  These are pdf file pages from the PIG (Program Information Guide) outlining policies at the state level.  * See in particular under ‘Policies‘ – ‘General Policies‘, paragrah #5. *

http://soindiana.org/programs/2014-champions-together/ == Champions Together!

http://www.specialolympics.org/sports.aspx == SOI Sports & Games & more

GREAT Resource for all Coaches ==>  http://resources.specialolympics.org/Taxonomy/Sports_Essentials/__Catalog_of_Sports_Essentials.aspx

General Policies – Special Olympics Indiana (from 2015 P.I.G)

“5. Each Accredited Program shall o’er comprehensive year-round sports training, conducted by qualified coaches in accordance with the Sports Rules. Every Special Olympics athlete who competes in a Special Olympics sport at a Games or a Tournament must have been trained in that sport. Training shall include physical conditioning and nutrition education. :: Athletes who desire to compete in Regional Games, U.S. Multi-State Games or World Games must be trained for at least eight (8) consecutive weeks in the appropriate sport and must have several opportunities to compete (including scrimmages and practice sessions) during that period. :: Each Accredited Program should offer athletes who are preparing for competitions at other levels within Special Olympics, such as for National Games, U.S. Program Games or Sub-Program Games (e.g. local, area, community), the same training and competition opportunities as are offered by that Accredited Program to athletes who participate in Regional, U.S. Multi-State and/or World Games.”

“10. All Special Olympics sport training and competition activities and events shall be conducted in accordance with the General Rules, the Sports Rules, and the other Uniform Standards. Each Accredited Program shall offer sports training and competition programs that meet the highest possible standards in facilities and equipment, athletic attire, training, coaching, officiating, administration, and related events for athletes and their families. Special Olympics sports training and competitions must be held in a manner that protects the participating athletes, provides fair and equitable conditions of competition, and promotes uniformity in testing athletic skills, so that no competitor obtains an unfair advantage over another.”

“11. Special Olympics believes that every athlete deserves an equal chance to excel during competition. Thus, each competition division within a given event must be structured so that every athlete/team in the division has a reasonable chance to excel during competition. This must be done by placing athletes/teams in divisions according to accurate records of previous performance or trial heats and, when relevant, grouping by age and gender.”

** Code of Conduct is found on page 31 of the P.I.G. **

…thought for ALL persons =>
I WILL RESPECT ALL PERSONS in my actions & take responsibility for those actions.


Strongly suggested:

** Athletes & Partners should be on time for practices and games.
Parents & group homes should be prompt in picking athletes & partners up from practices & games. **

  • “The coaches will hand out practice and game schedules at the beginning of the season.”
  • Athletes are expected to attend all practices/games; HOWEVER – if there is an absence, coaches are to be notified ASAP (as soon as possible)!
  • Attitude, participation in practice, positive response to coaching, etc. will influence the selection process for attending area and state competitions.
  • “Some sports may have specific rules that will be communicated to athletes at the beginning of the season.”
  • GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP is expected always!






2 thoughts on “Just Coaches!

  1. Janet Mummey February 22, 2018 at 10:33 pm Reply

    What is the contact information for someone interested in coaching Special Olympics?

    • pspanglerhoover February 23, 2018 at 11:11 am Reply

      If you mean coaching within Tippecanoe County, our county coordinator/assistant county coordinator contact is good OR the sports coordinator OR volunteer coordinator. All these are on our Contact page. Thank you for the inquiry. Hope to hear from you soon!

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