If you have an inquiry and/or question, please let us know and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Additional good contacts might be the secretary and/or treasurer below.

P.O. Box 4801
Lafayette, IN 47903-4801


Jennifer Chalmers, County Coordinator               Sherry Neff, Asst. County Coordinator
PHONE:                                                                 765-714-0455
E-mail us:                        

solinelogoCounty Management Team PLUS

Gloria Bol — Secretary,
Peggy Hoover — Treasurer, ALPs Coordinator + Web Page Modifier, 765-743-4120 |
__________ — Sports Coordinator, __________
Patricia Muthig — Volunteer Coordinator,
Christine Hardenburg — Outreach Coordinator,
Jennifer Chalmers 
Fundraising Coordinator,
Jennifer Hoover — Athlete &
Lynne Buckley-Noble & Jennifer Hoover — Unified Fitness Club co-coordinators,
Jason Plante — Community Project Coordinator,
Jeff Neff & Melanie Pogue — Utility Player(s)
Cathy Young — Editor, County Newsletter,

Larry Ratcliff — Area 4
 *THNX Gary Boardman for your many wonderful years of service to Special Olympics IN Area 4!

Buzz Lail — Regional

SOIn Tippe on Facebook … []

* Special Olympics Indiana ~ ~ Special Olympics Indiana

* Special Olympics ~ North America & the World
Created by the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation for the Benefit of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

solinelogoAdditional Contacts

Marge Anderson-Wringer — Volunteer,
Jamie Barnes
— Volunteer/Coach,
Russ/Pat Boardman
— Volunteers/Coaches,
Tracy Brummett –– Volunteer,
April Martin — Volunteer/Coach,
Jeff Martin — Volunteer/Coach,
Terry Meyer — Volunteer, 
Bob & Jeanie Plante — Volunteers/Coach/Unified partner,
Brittany Price
 — IU Health Liaison,
Ken/Gail Schweiterman — Volunteers/Coach,
Phil Steele
— Volunteer/Coach,
Dixie Stinson
— Volunteer/Coach,
Michelle Strong
— Volunteer/Coach, 
Deb Tillett
— Volunteer/School Liaison,
Charlie Young — Volunteer/Coach,

Lynne Buckley Noble — Polar Plunge Coordinator/SOTC Fitness Club,
Mike Doyle — ALPs leaders IN/FL,
Lyn Doyle — ALPs leaders IN/FL,


Chat with some of SOIn Tippe’s Special Olympians

Brian Glick is many things in and to Special Olympics in Tippecanoe County, state and nationally/internationally — a coach as well as an athlete and more!  Brian is what some of us call the ‘Grandfather of ALPs*’ ~ at least in Indiana.  He is one very busy person.  Check out our ALPs page for more on Brian.
** One of Tippecanoe County’s own athletes recently won the 2018 Dennis Schmidt Impact Award – Brian Glick!!! CONGRATULATIONS indeed! Check out the great article from Special Olympics Indiana! ** 

Jennifer Hoover is a former swimmer. In addition to Special Olympics aquatics, Jennifer has been a US Masters and USS swimmer. She has been to the Special Olympics World Games once and competed in past U.S. Paralympics swim trials twice. Other interests of Jennifer’s are bowling, golf, bocce, and long-distance walking and an occasional local bowling league.  She loves movies, reading, and music plus ‘surfing’ the Internet PLUS writing poetry.  Super Target of Lafayette IN is her employer. Jennifer is also an ALPs* member for Special Olympics and an assistance lead for the SOTC Fitness Club along with Lynne Buckley Noble.
> Web site: + her blog @
> GRIN swim site: — Master’s 5/2003 newsletter carried a swim article about Jennifer + a personal blog @

Christina McDougle is another Special Olympics athlete that is an athlete leader through the ALPs* program.  Christina participates in swimming, corn toss, bowling, etc and is a go-getter!  She would love to hear from anyone.

Jeff Neff competes in track/field, bocce, bowling, basketball, and softball. Past sports are tennis, volleyball, long distance walking & running — you name it, he just might be doing it!!   He even has competed in weight-lifting in the past which he would love to re-instate within the county.  Jeff has been to the Special Olympics World Games as an athlete.  Jeff is a local YMCA member and an ALPs* member for Special Olympics.

*ALPs ~ Athlete Leadership Programs through Special Olympics


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  1. Peggy Hoover March 11, 2017 at 9:58 pm Reply

    Hopefully I emailed you in return; but finally responding here as well — will get you on an email listing. We send newsletters via U.S. mail as well should you wish to offer your home address. Guess we need the actual email for you also [got it — IF it is not bogus!]. THNX!

  2. Tammy Frost February 27, 2017 at 12:26 pm Reply

    Please add me to your e-mail list.

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