Special Olympics’ ALPs (Athlete Leadership ProgramS)

Special Olympics Athlete Leadership Programs (ALPs) allow athletes to explore opportunities to participate in Special Olympics outside of sports in leadership-type positions. Such participation might come in the form of an athlete serving on the Board of Directors or local organizing committee; or it might find an athlete as a spokesperson, coach or official.

ALPs meetings/input councils are athlete-run with a facilitator to monitor proceedings.  These meetings give the athletes a chance for their input regarding the local Special Olympics program, regional, state and beyond — such as possible fund raisers, suggestions on the organization of the local program, sports, etc!

»« The local meetings / input councils have moved to the 4th Thursday of the month as indicated on the calendar page, at the Franciscan Education Center LAF (now at St. Elizabeth Central Hospital), 6pm — subject to change!!

SOIn Tippe ALPs on Facebook …

CALLOUT!! …for additional ALPs athletes == any time — just contact us!  Meeting dates/times and other points of interest can be adjusted with your input – but only if you attend meetings!!  

«» MENTORS needed!  ALPs is always looking for mentors for our athlete leaders, particularly when attending ALPs University — please consider giving an athlete the benefits of your leadership skills, whatever they be!

Special Olympics IN ALPs info ~ SOIn Resources ~  Special Olympics (SOI) ALPS info
   Global stories from Athlete Leadership ProgramS: = Resources!
especially look for look for “Input Councils (PDF)” under ‘Staff Resources’. = FL ALPs Program example

solinelogoLeadership = Dedication as a role model to guide & motivate others as well as ourselves in order to ‘make a difference’ ~ with optimism!!
* ~ Kiwanis Leader Resources ~ Leadership Conversations


<>  1. A leader plans.  <>  2. A leader has a vision.  <>  3. A leader shares his/her vision.
<>  4. 
A leader takes charge.  <>  5. A leader inspires through example.
SOIn ALPs University 2013 @ Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis IN

SOIn ALPs University 2013 @ Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis IN

ALPs University offers athletes a chance to take courses designed to train them in the skills that will take them towards their leadership goals. These classes are available throughout the year — at least twice.

SOIn Tippe continues taking ALPs athletes to ALPs University towards the improvement of their leadership skills! April 2017 begins ALPs relationship with Butler University, Indianapolis!  The next ALPs University takes place April 2017 @ Butler and again in October/November 2017 — we will need mentors! Lots is always learned at ALPS U !!

Read on to learn about Special Olympics Indiana – Marion County athlete Heather Himes’
experience becoming an athlete leader and her tips on finding and keeping good ALPs Helpers:

“My name is Heather Himes and I’m an athlete with Indy Sports Club in Indianapolis. Five years ago I was asked to become an Athlete leader with Special Olympics. I found out that my mom couldn’t be my mentor and I had to find a non-family member to work with. It took over a year to find someone who would make the time commitment. As I started attending classes I found that I really enjoyed learning about how Special Olympics runs and meeting the people who run it. As I come close to graduation we are trying to find new members and mentors for them.

Finding athletes is not the issue however getting mentors to commit to the program seems impossible. We have been able to find adults to go to one university but not make the commitment for more than that. Some ideas for finding mentors are as follows:

  • Having loving family members on a probationary period to see if they can follow the ALPS rules.
  • Letting ALPS mentors know that they are important to the success of the program.
  • Having a thank-you dinner for mentors so they know their appreciated.
  • Having written expectations so that the mentors know they are their for the athletes success in the program.
  • Having ALPS members tell their stories so that possible mentors understand what it means to the athletes to be able to participate in ALPS.
  • Having the state office add Mentor of the Year given by the athlete.                                                                                   

I would like to close by saying that my hope is that we can have more mentors for our athletes to grow and succeed in this program.  I personally have a good relationship with my mentor and have been able to participate as an athlete leader because my attendance has been made possible from my mentor’s commitment. I would like to see that possibility for all athletes.”


leadershipcrosswordsleadership   leadershipquote


ALPs ~ Global ALPs Task Force – Dublin, Ireland

One athlete and two coaches from Tippecanoe County attended the Global ALPS Task Force [/ Athlete Congress] meeting in July [2002]. ALPs, or Athlete Leadership Programs, are aimed at giving athletes more of a role in Special Olympics. The meeting was held in Dublin, Ireland, which will host the 2003 World Special Olympics Games.

Tippecanoe County athlete Brian Glick has been a part of the ALPs Task Force since it was formed in 1999. Tippecanoe County coach Lyn Doyle attended the meeting with Brian as his helper. Brian works with an initiative to get more Special Olympics athletes involved in coaching. Brian has been a coach and assistant coach in softball and basketball.

Other initiatives include athletes as officials, an initiative coordinated by Tippecanoe County coach Mike Doyle; Global Messengers, a program that has athletes giving speeches to various groups; athletes on boards; athletes and the media; and athlete input councils and congress.

At the meeting in Dublin, Task Force members heard that Special Olympics Inc. has approved their proposals on both Athlete and Coach Codes of Conduct. The codes set minimum standards of conduct for athletes and coaches. Local programs can add to these codes.

-Lyn Doyle-


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    Sorry for the long delay in a reply. Thank you for the suggestion, but we are part of the larger Special Olympics Indiana and would feel uncomfortable using a promotion site without further authorization from our state office. Thanks again for the input.

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